"This course is really helping me to understand the settings of my camera and how to use them in conjunction with one another. Rosie has an excellent teaching style and she makes this subject easy to understand. I have tried at least 2 other courses on photography, but this is by far my favourite". - Tomeka Wray
SPECIAL OFFER! (normally £197)
  • 7 Step Online Course
  • BONUS Camera Settings Cheat Sheet
  • VIP FB Community
  • Photo Challenges
The perfect course for total beginners, aspiring professional photographers and keen amateurs!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Enhance your photography skills by understanding the correct settings to use. 
  • Avoid dark, blurred photos.
  • Achieve beautiful crisp and sharp images.
  • Replace the feeling of being overwhelmed by your settings to shooting with clarity and confidence.
  • Understand why certain settings haven’t worked in the past
  • ​Have the skills needed to start your journey to being a professional photographer!
"Really nicely explained in a simple and easy to understand way. The examples are really helpful to see what the differences in effects would be. I can already see a huge improvement in the photos I am taking." - Ella Rivett
creative composition
One Time Purchase
  • How to find the perfect light for your photography
  • What to look for in choosing a location to shoot on cloudy, overcast days
  • Where to stand when shooting photography indoors
  • How to find gorgeous light when it's blazing hot weather
  • Key compositional techniques to make your photography look really artistic and professional
  • Essential posing techniques for flattering photography of individuals, couples and groups
  • Techniques to bring out the best in your subjects and get genuine smiles
Creative Composition is the ideal course to follow Camera Settings Made Easy! We’ll cover additional ideas to help make your photos look extra special.

Discover how to find the perfect light for your photographs, from cloudy overcast days, to dark rooms indoors and how you can shoot beautiful photography even in bright sunshine! 

You’ll learn easy ways to pose people so they will always want to be photographed by you because you make them look so good! And techniques to bring out real expressions and laughter.

I’ll show you how to use the rule of thirds, the rule of space and leading lines among many other essential photography principles that will help develop your own unique photography style.  

I’ll finally take you on some real life photoshoots with me which will bring everything we’ve learned about creative composition together. You’ll have fun watching behind the scenes as I photograph portraits at The Vintage Vardos gypsy caravans, capture activities at a forest school and shoot beautiful engagement photography.
“I thought this was a thoughtfully written and incredibly comprehensive how-to book. It felt like I was talking to a friend - Rosie was friendly, encouraging and confident. I'm not a wedding photographer (I shoot newborns and maternity), and the idea of shooting a wedding gives me the heebie jeebies! But I can definitely see that having read this book, I would feel armed to tackle a wedding.” - Emma Jackson, Paper Lotus Photography
Instant download
  • What essential kit you’ll need
  • The top things you must do before the wedding day
  • Typical wedding day timings - where you should be and when
  • What the must have shots are from each part of the day
  • Where to stand during the ceremony
  • How to pose the bride and groom for beautiful portraits
  • Top tips for great group shots
  • Easy editing techniques for after the wedding

Whether you’re new to wedding photography or just want to refresh your skills, Wedding Photography: A Step by Step Guide to Capturing the Big Day is packed with trade secrets and practical tips that will help you photograph a wedding with confidence.

Learn all the key skills and knowledge that wedding photographers must have.

Wedding Photography: A Step by Step Guide to Capturing the Big Day is packed with simple techniques and inspirational images that will drastically improve your approach to wedding photography.

Includes over 180 inspiring real life wedding photographs with detailed camera settings!

Rosie Parsons (Cosmo Bride Wedding Photographer of The Year 2010, You & Your Wedding Magazine Bride’s Choice Award 2011) has been featured in OK! Magazine, You & Your Wedding, Wedding Magazine and on the cover of Professional Photographer Magazine among others. She is renowned for her creative, relaxed style that has won favour with celebrity clients and blogs like Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes and Rock n Roll Bride who regularly publish her work.
“A really excellent book about shooting weddings, that actually provides the beginner with some really practical and useful advice. Rosie has a real knack of breaking down and explaining the different elements of photographing a wedding in an easy to follow manner. I especially liked Rosie's advice on shooting wedding portraits. I would definitely recommend this book to those thinking of shooting their first wedding.”
- Matt Foden, Foden Photography
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